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Growth and profit result from hard work. And implementing effective marketing and sales techniques takes hard work—plus a lot of discipline. There is a lot of activity required by the sales process. It’s not a “let’s wait and see what the customer does” exercise. Your sales process is the step-by-step procedure that turns oblivious suspects into mildly interested prospects, and then into money-generating customers. It deserves careful attention. On average, only a small percentage of leads represent near-term sale opportunities. However, the vast majority has the potential to buy from you at some point in the future.

The key is to be in front of them when they’re ready to buy and to have already established your company as someone they should seriously consider. To do this, processes must be established to qualify, score and nurture leads. The sales force needs to be empowered with the tools to better prepare them to make the most effective use of their time and knowledge.