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Maybe you...

Believe in tomato-based BBQ sauce.

    We like ours sweetened with a little molasses.

Don’t have a sales force, but you realize you need one.

    We will create, develop and train an effective sales force
    tailored to your needs.

Already have a sales group but you know it's lacking the luster
and results you've expected.

    We will take that sales group, sharpen it up and give them the
    tools needed to succeed.

Insist on having fun at work.

    We take our work seriously. But the world is full of unhappy
    people. eChoice Innovations is not.

Don’t know what you need. You simply recognize you should
be doing something.

    Don’t worry, sometimes all you need are fresh ideas and a solid
    perspective from an outside source.

Have an incredible sales team, an outstanding sales manager,
an exceptional marketing director --- you just don’t have enough
hours in the day to get everything done.

  We have some time we can give you.

Rely on repeat customers to account for over 80% of your business.

  We will get you diversified.

Haven’t developed anything new since your logo.

  We will put our creative think-tank to work.

Prefer to keep it lean and mean.

    We will create enough automated processes and campaigns so
    you appear as an army of thousands.

Dream of vacationing in Tahiti for the winter.

    Maybe we can make that happen too.

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